5 Ways To Use Branding Photos For Unique, Memorable Marketing Content

Branding Photoshoot

August 26, 2022

As a brand, how can you use branding photos for marketing content that is memorable and unique?

As a business, one of your main goals in your marketing is often to ensure that your brand is memorable. Memorable brands means more brand awareness, and more brand awareness means more connection to the customer—which means more sales and more customer loyalty.

People love to see authentic individuality in the products and services they use. Brands that are able to show their unique selling propositions and make a genuine connection with customers have a higher conversion rate than those that don’t.

While investing in other branding elements such as logos and websites is incredibly important, presenting yourself visually through strategic, aligned imagery has the potential to make the biggest impact on your prospective customers. In this blog, we’ll cover 5 ways to use branding photos for marketing content that helps your brand stand out.

Use Props In Your Branding Photos

Haus of Polish Nail Salon showing the props in their branding shoot.

People enjoy seeing pictures of people holding items they can relate to. Therefore, it is important to include props that represent the values that your company shares with your target audience. If it applies, I also recommend that you showcase the tools of the trade utilized in your industry. For example, a nail salon may consider including the other tools needed for the perfect manicure. A jeweler may include their most used tools to complete a top-selling piece. 

Establish Your Brand’s Personality For Marketing That Pop

Babes Support Babes team gathered around a chair, laughing together as they take branding photos for marketing

A brand’s personality is important to establish when taking branding photos for marketing campaigns that will catch your ideal’s clients eye and turn them into loyal buyers.

Your main goal should be showcasing your product or service with the best quality possible, while also portraying how your customer will feel when engaging with your brand.

Is your brand quirky and sarcastic? Outgoing and fun? Chill or serious? It is crucial for you to know your ideal client and what they relate to. Write down your ideal client, why they would use your services, and how your services might make them feel.

(The Babes Support Babes team is definitely a fun, outgoing one—and look how we captured that in these photos!)

Choose A Fitting Location To Connect With Your Audience

A great location is one hugely important way to show personality and stand out in your branding photos.

InBalance SA team doing a yoga flow in the park

The atmosphere, decor and lighting are two crucial aspects to think about when choosing a location. It may even take several months to pin down the perfect location. Depending on your goals for the photo shoot, you might use your office, rental home, coffee shop, or local park. The location not only serves as the backdrop for your images, but also communicates to your audience your shared values, establishes points of connection with your audience, and showcases how your product or service may be used by your ideal client.

Include Your Products or Services To Help The Ideal Customer Envision Using Your Product

GoBotanicals shoot model using her premium product in action to stand out in their branding photos for marketing.

Your customer needs to be fully educated about the products or services you provide in order to become a loyal buyer.

Some ways to show off your products or services in your brand photos are by showing them in use, staging them in their natural environment, or calling in models to showcase the client experience.

These photos will help your ideal customer envision how your product or service may fit into their own life and what makes your products or services stand out from the rest.

Be Creative and Bold In Your Branding Photos For Marketing Content That Is Eye-Catching

InBalance San Antonio member headshot
Bold doesn’t have to mean chaotic. Look how simple yet eye-catching this photo is for InBalance Studios!

A great way to show how your business stands out in your industry can be through an eye-catching, high-energy image. Or you may want to get photos that show how the client feels after engaging with your brand. That’s what branding photography is all about—highlighting people, products, and/or services for marketing that’s tailored to your unique client profile.

Not sure where to start? Create a Pinterest board of inspirational branding photography that excites you. That will make it easier to pull from a wealth of ideas when it’s time to plan your company’s shoot. I hope these 5 tips will help you get ideas of how you can use branding photos for marketing that stands out in order to connect with your audience and skyrocket your company’s marketing efforts.

Not sure how to get started? Want some guidance on what type of photos are best for showcasing a brand’s personality? Please contact me or check out my branding services on my website.

Go Botanicals photo shoot taking place in a model home

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