5 Ways To Prepare Before Your Branding Photo Shoot For Stunning Photos

Branding Photoshoot

March 23, 2022

Do you feel stressed thinking about what to do on your branding photo shoot day?

Getting ready for your photoshoot ahead of time will help minimize that stress, make you feel more confident in front of the camera, and more excited to show off your brand with some beautiful, personalized images! 

1. Hydrate well before your branding photo shoot.

Woman sitting on a yoga mat grabbing her water bottle.

We all want to have radiant skin for our branding photo shoot. How do we accomplish this? One easy way to accomplish this is to make sure our bodies are hydrated. This way, our cells have the water they need to make your skin glow. The Glo Run says it takes at least 45 minutes (and up to 24 hours) to become fully hydrated, depending on prior dehydration levels. So make sure to start drinking your H2O at least the morning before your shoot!

P.S. Photoshoots take work for both sides involved, so feel free to bring your water bottle with you to the shoot like Blanche from Rooted Strength Coaching did. Bonus points if you can get a water bottle that matches your brand! 

2. Don’t forget that manicure.

Woman pouring essential oils into her diffuser during her branding photo shoot.

Whether you do your nails yourself or go get them done at the salon, you’ll want to add a fresh manicure to your list. When your nails are nice and clean, it can boost your confidence and they always look so great in those close-up prop photos.

You will want to make sure your nails are beautiful and camera ready. When choosing your nail color, I recommend choosing one of your secondary branding colors. Something not too bright as you don’t want all the attention on your hands but on your pretty face! 

3. The perfect outfit makes all the difference.

Latina woman posed on a chaise rocking jeans, heels, and a black blazer.

One of the questions I get the most is, you guessed it, “what should I wear?” My answer varies from person to person because you really have to think about your brand and how you want others to view it. If you’re going for a business professional look, a classy, formal suit may be the best choice for you. But if you want to present a more casual, chic vibe, you could choose a fun graphic tee and a bomb skirt with some cute wedges.

You may choose the option to have two outfits during your shoot to offer a couple different vibes. For instance, if you’re an active person then one outfit could be your favorite workout outfit to show your audience that you like to move your body, and your second could be a business casual look to portray your expert side of things.

Whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable and confident in it. Most of all, you should feel like you! Choosing your outfits a couple weeks before the shoot can save you a lot of stress. 

4. A branding photo shoot isn’t complete without the perfect props.

Woman standing in a bathroom with a chic laundry basket as her branding photo shoot prop.

Get those branding props ready to go before the day. Think about those items that represent what it is that you do or those things you find yourself using most days as you work. I suggest you collect the props you want to use and put them in a bag or box to take with you on shoot day so you don’t forget them!

Not sure what props you should bring? Check out my blog post all about fun prop ideas to help you shine in your branding photo shoot.

5. Get your mindset right before your shoot day.

Woman posing for a headshot, seated in black dress pants and a light pink blazer.

When getting prepped for your big photo shoot day, it’s so important that you get your mind right in order to truly glow as your full, authentic self in your photos. This means training your mind to embrace who you are, tuning in to those characteristics that you want to present to others in your photos, and giving yourself some love!

Who you are is at the core of what your business is all about—so you’ve got to narrow in on what makes you wonderful and makes you stand out! Are you silly? Focused? Kind? Bubbly? Whatever it is, embrace it!

I recommend standing in front of a mirror and telling yourself those mantras you wish for:

I am confident. I am beautiful. I am an expert in my field. I have so much to offer.”

Lastly, never forget that you’re beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need to change your weight, get a makeover or swap out your whole wardrobe for your beauty to shine in front of the camera. All you need is YOU!

Feeling ready for your branding photo shoot? Contact me and I’ll be in touch!

Brittany Paul planning for a branding photo shoot on her iPad with her camera to the side.

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