5 Props to Take to Your Branding Photoshoot

Branding Photoshoot

February 1, 2022

Should you bring props to your branding shoot? Absolutely, you should! Don’t have any branding shoot prop ideas? Keep reading for a list of props to take to a photoshoot.

Using props during your shoot can help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, give a valuable behind-the-scenes look of how you do your work, and help you stand out in your industry!

Don’t know what props to use? Here are five different suggestions I give to my own clients when we plan out our shoots:

5 Props To Take To Your Next Photoshoot

Branding shoot prop idea #1: Tools of the trade.

Close-up shot of woman's hands as she measures a bracelet.

What tools do you use to accomplish your job? Show off those items that are specific to your trade. A few ideas include: paint supplies, beading tools, makeup brushes, sewing machine, camera, writing utensils, and cooking tools…the list could go on and on!

What tools do you use every day to provide your services or create your products for your clients and customers? During your branding shoot, it’s important to get pictures of you using the tool in action as well as multiple shots of just the tool itself in focus! On your social media platforms or in a blog post, you can use these photos to share the brand of the tools you love and what you do with this tool. People love learning about the little details of how you get your work done, and it helps them understand more about the value you can offer through your work!

How can you take your customers behind the scenes through your branding images? Give your audience a firsthand look into what you do to serve your clients and customers every day. Giving them a glimpse into what tasks are easy, difficult, relaxing or fun for you is a cool way to show your customers why you do what you do and how it helps them!

Prop idea #2: Pieces of the process.

Show the what, why and how behind how you get your work done in the props you take to a photoshoot. These are the materials you use to run your business. If you’re not sure how you’d use these things in a photo, here are some ideas for how you can recreate your workflow in your branding photo session: 

woman looking at small business cards
  • Computer: typing out emails, sending invoices, paying bills, researching and tracking ideas, and more!
  • Phone: taking calls to connect with clients, posting to your social media, or photographing your beautiful products.
  • Whiteboard: scheduling out your big project, brainstorming new ideas for your business, or laying out future plans for your team.
  • Calendar: writing down appointments (or typing if you use electronic!) or circling important dates.
  • Journal: writing dreams and ideas down, crossing out items off your to-do list, or jotting down your favorite quote.

See how many possibilities there are? Take pictures with these props to show your community HOW you get the intricate parts of your business done. I bet they do some of the same too!

Prop idea #3: Props that spark inspiration.

Woman holding a stack of books, showcasing one of my favorite branding shoot prop ideas.
San Antonio small business owner Leti shows off the books that inspire her.

What inspires you to learn and grow in your craft? What makes you feel energized or happy before you start your work? Photos like these help you put the personal in your personal brand, add character to your business, and give insight into who you are behind the logo.

Some of my favorite ways that you can share what lights you up:

  • Display some of the books or magazines that you love or come back to often while at work.
  • Have your favorite quotes next to your desk.
  • Show the music that you love to listen to while you work.
  • Open your Bible to a passage that’s especially meaningful to you.
  • Capture moments of self-care that help you feel energized and inspired to conquer your workday—whether it’s doing yoga, sipping tea from an inspirational mug, or meditating.

People connect with other people—not with corporate terminology and stock imagery. Showing off personal elements to your work is what catapults your business from just a logo to a brand people truly connect with and want to support.

Prop idea #4: Parts of your unique traits.

Woman dipping paint brush into paints—a more unique idea for props to take to a photo shoot!

Every business has its own unique traits—even those that do similar services or offer similar products. Ten different bakers all use their own special recipes, ten different yoga instructors all start their classes in their own way, ten different business coaches will all lead you to your goals on a different path…I think you get where I’m going with this!

So what makes you different? How do you stand out?

Here are a few examples of things that differentiate you and show what makes you special:

  • Interesting parts of your background: what got you to where you are today?
  • Fun facts about you: hidden talents, exciting hobbies, or interesting tidbits about your non-work life.
  • Day-to-day life: your favorite parts of your day, what you do to unwind, or staple parts of your daily routine.

The ideas don’t have to stop there though! If you think it’s interesting, I’d be willing to bet your followers do too. People will connect with the hobbies you have, the special activities you like to do, or the fun facts about you, and this will help build the know, like, and trust factor that is essential to building your clientele.

Prop idea #5: What you sell!

Last but not least, showcase your hard work! Showcase the products you sell (or the services you offer) to give people a visual connection to what they will be putting their money toward.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when you’re doing this—your brand photos don’t only have to include your core offerings. Here are a few prompts to help inspire you to creatively market what you offer:

Bath bomb set along the edge of a bathtub as a prop to take to a photoshoot.

If you are a product-based business:

  • You with your products.
  • Your products’ packaging.
  • Your product in its context (like we did for Simply Tiff’s with the photo to the right).
  • Top-sellers or personal favorites.
  • Specific features about your top products.
  • Content surrounding upcoming sales you might have for certain products.
  • Gift boxes or bundles.

If you are a service provider:

  • Thank you cards that you send your customers.
  • The desired outcome—what your clients will look or feel like after receiving your services.
  • What an email, letter, or other form of communication might look like from you while working with your clients.
  • Something you always use while you’re executing your services.

Adding props, like the ones I mentioned above, is a great way to elevate your branding photos and make them feel more authentic to who you are. Taking props to a branding photoshoot will create a fun atmosphere!

Got questions? Love these ideas for props to take to a photoshoot, and want more? If you’re in the San Antonio area and you’d like more insights on how to create the perfect branding photography experience, let’s get in touch!

Woman hand painting cookies as a unique trait

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