San Antonio Woman Magazine: A Dream Come True


December 30, 2021

Have you ever written down a dream that you thought would take years to accomplish, but then God shows you that He has bigger plans than yours? Shooting for San Antonio Woman was one of those dreams.

At the beginning of 2021, I picked up a San Antonio Woman magazine at H‑E‑B and perused the pages thinking “One day I will shoot for a magazine like this.”

The next day, I wrote this dream down in my journal—I will have my photographs in a magazine.

Chef Jared from Your Culinary Experience, my first magazine feature.

A couple months later, I got an email from Chef Jared Campbell from Your Culinary Experience.

He let me know the branding photos I took of him were going to be in the lead feature for Boerne Monthly.

I was ecstatic! I called my sister friends and told them, “God showed up! I am not only in a magazine, but my photos are on the cover!” We celebrated and I thought this is a win for this year. I thought God was done with this dream in my heart. 

Later, in April, I received a message from the creative director of San Antonio Woman and she asked if I would like to shoot for them in the future. Of course, I was so honored and excited about this opportunity. Months later, after having my second child, I was ready to start photographing again so I contacted Miriam Jesaijes, the magazine’s creative director, and said, “I am ready to shoot when you have something for me.” 

My first feature in the magazine was with a woman named Crissy Peña. Crissy is such an inspiration from her motivation and ambition to always be better! Growing up as the daughter of a single mom, Crissy was the first person in her family to graduate college. After years of working in the classroom and working at home to homeschool her own children, Crissy and her business partner started Montessori Kids Universe. Read the full article here for more of her story.

Flash forward to September 20 of this year, and I am pulling up to the house of Claudia Zapata-Elliot to photograph her for the cover story for the November/December issue.

Claudia is the creator behind the Diplomacy Diet TM– “the kinder, gentler approach to embracing health and wellness.” Her passion is for living a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same, and she is a fierce advocate for feeling good about your health and choices. She believes every day you can use the art of negotiation to make decisions that lead to a “positive, lasting lifestyle.” I felt so grateful to be photographing a woman who is such a strong leader in our local community.

I entered Claudia’s home with my dream team, Sarah Wilburn and Miriam, on-site to support me in capturing the essence of our featured woman. We shot in four areas of her house—her kitchen, living room, reading room, and front door.

Me (Brittany Paul) holding the San Antonio Woman magazine cover while posing alongside my dream team of Sarah Wilburn and Miriam Jesaijes.

My team and I would carefully set up each shot. Together, we would think through the best angles, lighting, and posing. As the photos each uploaded instantly from my camera to my iPad while I was taking them, we would gather together to make sure we got just the shot we were envisioning.

It was the ultimate “pinch me, I must be dreaming” moment. My dream for my branding photography business was being fulfilled. I was photographing for the cover of the San Antonio Woman magazine that I had admired for so long. And I was doing it with an amazing team supporting me!

Me (Brittany Paul) photographing Claudia Zapata-Elliott in her home for San Antonio Woman magazine.

Isn’t it crazy how God shows up for us? Just when I thought God was done with this dream in my heart he showed up again—not once, but twice!

I am so blessed by all the signs and blessings that He continues to bring me, and I am so grateful that God has bigger plans for me than I even do for myself.

I am so thankful for the journey that God has led me on with this business!

So if you are dreaming a dream, big or small—just know God will show up on His timing and if it’s meant for you He’ll show up big. He definitely did for me!

My San Antonio Woman magazine cover featuring Claudia Zapata-Elliott.

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