6 Ways To Use Your Branding Photos To Effectively Market Your Small Business

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October 20, 2021

One of the most important parts of a successful brand strategy is using branded images as a central part of your marketing plan. As a San Antonio brand photographer, I’ve seen this to be true time and time again for so many of the local business owners that I work with.

When you think about branding, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely your logo. However, there’s so much more to your brand than your logo and even just what people see on your company’s website. If you want to know how to use these branding photos in order to market your business, keep reading!

After you take your branding photos, there are many different places to creatively use them to market your business. Sure, you can post them on your website or brochures, but there are also many other ways that these images can help get your message across and drive results for your small business.

Here are six places you can creatively use your branding photos to grow and market your small business:

1. Social Media

This one may be the most obvious, but it’s incredibly important. Here are a few great examples that I’ve seen my clients do:

Amber Fischer, of Amber Fischer Nutrition in San Antonio, wearing headphones and candidly chatting seated next to a podcasting microphone.
  1. Post a photo of one of your team members and share more about their favorite hobbies to create a connection with your audience!

  2. Show what it looks like for you behind-the-scenes while working on the product or service that you sell.

  3. Share a high-quality photo of the results of your hard work—AKA the beautiful products or services that you offer!

When it comes to social media, the possibilities truly are endless with what you can share and how you can share it.

2. Crowd-Source Review Sites

Consider posting one of these images to a website where you want to get found, such as Google My Business or Yelp. Your photos will show up in the search results if people are looking up what you offer near their location (I’ve found so many local San Antonio small businesses this way!). Your branding photos will instantly catch their eye and showcase you as a reputable, professional business that people want to check out.

3. Video

Two women owners of Party Hat Celebrations who create balloon installs cheers-ing at a counter with drinks.

You can also transform your branding photos into beautiful, eye-catching videos. You can use your images to create a Reel and post it to Instagram for even more reach. We already know Instagram is favoring video content, so it’s important to jump on the train and learn how to entertain your audience with video now. You’ll be ahead of the curve!

4. Customer Service and Networking

Using your branding photos online is a great way to connect with people. For example, if your photo is in your email signature or on your business card, they’ll see your smiling face and will instantly feel connected to a real person—you! People naturally want to connect with other people, which is why we’re always more willing to buy from actual people we relate to or feel a connection with.

5. Written Content

Owner of the Cheerful Roost, who creates mugs, rugs and handmade goods, poses seated on a chair with a coffee mug that says "Cheer".

You can add your branding photos to illustrate your points of content for blogs, emails, and more!

The use of authentic, branded images to describe the subject of your messaging will help draw people into reading about how they can find answers to their pain points and challenges with your product, service, or knowledge.

6. Canva

Using a design site like Canva can be a great tool to create all your marketing material with your brand photos. You can upload your favorite branding photos into there and easily drag and drop them into customized marketing materials. From service guides to education content to promotional materials, your photos can and will be used for months to come to market your business.

Blanche, owner of Rooted Strength Coaching, poses in a blue tank top seated at a desk with her laptop. She is smiling toward the camera.

Blanche, owner of Rooted Strength Coaching, does an amazing job of using her brand photos in her Canva designs!

Check out her Instagram to get lots of inspiration from the beautiful, inspired ways she utilizes her branding photos to get the most out of her branding photography experience.

Your branding is essential to your business and the photos you use in your marketing materials are truly an important investment. These images should show off what you do best! From online content like social media or your website, to printed pieces like brochures or postcards, there are many opportunities to showcase your business with your new branding photos.

If you need support from a San Antonio brand photographer to level up your photos and online content, please check out my services for more information or connect with me on Instagram.

Six women from In Balance Yoga San Antonio dressed in yoga apparel and holding yoga mats stand beside each other smiling and laughing.

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